Are Men just Women with Balls?

While I was having a huge smile on my face debating whether I buy the latest best seller novel “The End of of Big“, my natural choice for a series to watch on the plane was naturally “Sex and the City“, season 4, episode 10, where it happened that Big got dumped by his movie […]

Balls yes but hormones!!!

My hairdresser salon is the best place in town to fish for insights and get some inspiration… Been wanting to write on Men for quite some time until I listened to a very interesting conversation on men, booze, women and egos! It’s true Men have balls and yes they don’t spare any occasion to prove […]

Cheat on you once; Shame on me twice!

To which extent is cheating called cheating: making the real act or just thinking about it? Real affair or a virtual friendship?? When a relation reaches a dead Love end, entertaining virtual friendships is harmful? Spending hours on the net or phone exchanging thoughts and feelings is a killer for the couple? Or when those […]