I <3 Winter Tag by Lovely Nouchaline

Aline, a sweet fashion blogger I never met but always keeping in touch with, asked a couple of lady bloggers to answer their winter crushes and here are my responses: 1- Favorite Winter nail polish: Winter Bow by “China Glaze” 2- Favorite Winter Lip polish: Christian Dior Addict Extreme Black Tie 987 3- Most worn […]

A very very personal post

I was blessed with having 3 uncles: 2 paternal and one maternal. My elder paternal was the typical patriarch, the Mayor all the village respected and feared yet he had a big heart and was like a father to all of us. The story is about my 2 other uncles, one from each side: they’re […]

Happy New Year

This New Year, I’ll Live. Laugh. Love …. This New Year, I’ll sing and dance like no tomorrow….. This New Year, I’ll forgive and forget……. This New Year, I’ll wait for the Sales to buy my “Must-have” bag….. This New Year, I’ll stop my crisis over a broken nail or a rebel hair strand 🙂 […]