1 year later: Happy to my readers

I didn’t know what I was venturing into, other than writing my own thoughts about what’s happening around me, coupled with a lot of personal feelings. I didn’t know that the reactions, comments, Likes and shares will punctuate my days, keeping me awake at night, thinking and wondering what to write more, how to keep […]

Eve Leve toi!

Just imagine if Eve had Facebook and Twitter instead of the Apple! Just imagine if Eve had shared, liked, tweeted, posted her feelings in her head 7 billion times a day! Just imagine if Eve felt Lonely, bored or PMSing in her kingdom with no friends to chat or meet up with! Just imagine if […]

Love Once, Love Twice, Love endless…..

“Je revis eternellement cette fois-la, car cette fois-la etait toutes les fois a la fois!” Never quite understood the meaning or have I grasped the real depth of this beautiful quote I had penciled down years ago until I Lost you. There are stories in our Life that are Lived to become and stay stories, […]