The 80/20 Rule of 5% Lebanon

Both my professional position and my social nature open doors for enriching encounters. And when I engage in heart warming conversations where I can listen and express back my opinion without any fear of rejection, embarrassment or regret, this is where I feel empowered to write and transmit the messages.

Reading my mind out loud about Chanel through the voices of my pretty charming friends or through the beautifully blunt posts of my dear Riri_dada especially the one about “pelvic” cover up, I cannot but ponder over what have we become:
– 5% of a well-off crowd which spends time between being the first to buy and set the trends, and the first to steal the trend. 
– 5% of a well-off “Beiruting” crowd which wants to live and breathe and lunch and dine and socialize and teach their kids in 3 streets called Ashrafieh Al Tahta, Ashrafieh al Fawka and Verdun.
– 5% of a wanna-be crowd which doesn’t watch the news for their sensitive hearts yet thinks that the world would stop over a bad picture on Instagram where her duck lips, 180 degree pose, her mouth turned upwards as if to implore the heavens – her best shot; otherwise, the picture is not worth the news! 
– 5% of a wanna-be crowd who thinks today they are the tripping essential artery of the population, because they merely have 100K followers on Instagram, half of which are drooling and fantasizing over their boobs or sexy butts.
– 5% of a wanna-be crowd which lives off its credit cards just to be seen hugging their champagne glass from one side and a sexy bomba Latina from the other, a tall thick cigar obstructing a perfectly aligned white Hollywoodian smile.

Wake up people.
You, including myself, are living in 3 streets that we are considering to be our Lebanon, totally disconnected from our vicinity. Cross one street down from Ashrafieh for example and you would discover a whole big world of misery and poverty!
Wake up people.
We are all fighting to connect with 2,5% of the other Lebanese, bloggers, fashion socialites, PR people, opinion leaders and businessmen, just so that the 5% is intertwined in a divine Land called Lebanon.
We are all dying to have the same bracelet, ring, sneakers, bags, and lips that we sometimes lose ourselves in the process.
Wake up people.
Where have all the good men go? The genuine people you would enjoy a nice conversation with; the good people who come from a solid cultural breed who have been around and still cherish some good Lebanese values! Where have all the classiness and chicness of a Sunday outfit and a courteous professional Look evaporated?
I unfortunately realized – validated by some Happy few – that Lebanese have changed down to the core, that the Happy Few have become very few, that mediocrity, déjà vu and shallowness prevail in 95% of the cases and that the 80/20 “law of the vital few”, has never been more acutely true, on 5% of the Lebanese!

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  1. Karla says:

    This article is so spot on and it has gotten to a point where so many of us are fed up with everything in regards to fashion that we see around us.

    I do respect everyone’s passion for fashion or style but this has been getting out of control. every person who has any ideas about fashion becomes a blogger, you have a blog; ‘blogger’ is a title that people give you when they read,appreciate and follow your work.

    Everything is so exaggerated to the point that its beyond obnoxious. The very same people that you mentioned in your 5% breakdowns are the same people who would criticize the other groups.
    I honestly can no longer see people ‘ooooh’ing’ and ‘aaaahhh’ing’ over commercialized items as Chanel (since I think that Lagerfeld is the embodiment of what is wrong in the fashion industry & is the worst thing that could happen to fashion. Ever)
    Hula Hoop bags anyone? The number of re-posts that I saw about that bag of people wanting,commenting and fainting over it; seriously people? a hula hoop bag?! I’m pretty sure had it been made by anyone else, we would have probably never heard of it; but when CHANEL is plastered all over it then its a coveted item.Walaw. I’m waiting for everyone to obsess over Chanel toilet paper; cause its Chaneeeellllll.
    My point isn’t to hate on people who admire the House of Coco or her legacy; but to point out the craziness that we now live in.
    On bloggers; there are less than 5 of them who have distinct style and have that reflected in their work. that’s from the styling side; when it comes to content and engaging material, there are also a handful who do a great job at growing their blog & improving it; you can see how passionate they are from their work. Then you have the fascination with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, its like 90 percent of women in this country aspire to be just that. It goes hand in hand with the mentality of judging guys based on their cars i.e he has a ferrari = yay shu mrattab, regardless if he’s a complete asshole. Applied to girls: “she has so many designer bags, she’s so mrattabe I love her I will wear everything she does in a desperate attempt to give people the impression that I am rich too & have a fabulous life”. Snap out of it people. Khalas. Enough.

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