“The Friend of your Cousin”

I always knew I kept my black notebook left somewhere!!!!!!!!!!! I always knew it was among my personal belongings when I moved from my parents’ house…..It was my companion, my best friend and the bearer of my secrets and un-told stories…
Yet couldn’t find it in years until yesterday morning when it was hidden deep down in the drawers of my night table right next to my bed.
My Adolescence and firsts steps into Adulthood and first experiments of Love and broken heart were lying there on the yellowish papers next to my bed for years now …..1990s…..
I knew I always Loved writing, anything from poems, to thoughts, to penciling down quotes…..And reading the poems this morning after so many years, makes me feel very proud of my first attempts in writing.
I decided to publish once in a while a poem that I had wrote in souvenir of a certain experience or person who had left a mark on me and contributed in making me the Woman I am today.

I hope you’ll enjoy and excuse the innocence in style and feelings…….

The first poem is called The Friend of your Cousin.

I’m attracted to your sight
Like a Butterfly to Light
It goes away, it loses its way
It goes round, it burns down,

Every time we meet, it’s only by chance
You seem happy, you laugh and you glance
Big liar, you date a dozen
And you only see in me the friend of your cousin,

Your words please my ears
Your sight delights my eyes
If only I could convince myself that all are lies
I could try to focus on another guy,

You tell me come but you don’t show
You tell me sorry but you don’t know
Am I a winner or a loser?
Am I a victim or a hunter?

There was no Claire Fontaine or Anne Geddes nearby at the time :)

There was no Claire Fontaine or Anne Geddes nearby at the time 🙂


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