The Lists

It’s the Season to be Jolly…..
The mood goes fa La La La La La La La La……
The pocket goes na La La La La La La La La…..

It’s the Season to write the Wish List and the Bucket List……

My wish List, usually started late summer with all the new Fall/Winter collection “must have” items, is carefully displayed next to my kids List :)… comes the latest bag, ring, IPad, sunglasses, wallet…..and the List goes on…..
Gift unwrapped, tear shed, picture posted on Facebook garnering the Likes, here comes the bucket List resolutions for New Year!

Success, Peace, new house, new kid, new job and the List goes on and on…..always updated depending on the New Year’s horoscope predictions 🙂

I Learnt across the years that New Year is simply a gift to assess what went wrong and what went right, pencil down the Longings for the months to come as this Day is simply a wake-up call, a motivation, a new white page waiting for us to fill it….

But who thinks of January already!
Write a Lonnnnnnggg List, sing, dance your own Gangnam style and be happy!!!

2 Responses to “The Lists”
  1. Rita says:

    Totally true! One of the best moments of the Holiday season is preparing the list alongside your kids. But I’ve always wondered.. How can I teach my kids to appreciate every single moment of the Christmas season and learn the true meaning of it, without being too indulgent and spoil them by the never-ending lists and being happy and proud about it?

  2. Irene Nashef says:

    So ture my dear friend, and I agree with ur friend Rita.
    Always a joy to read ur posts. can’t wait for the next one.

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