To new beginnings…..

It might seem a bit too early to toast to a New Year but in my mind, am already planning for a good start of it.

I don’t know if you had a mom like mine, but we were never allowed to sit in the salon with the new upholstered gild seats that were supposed to last forever, or eat with the silver cutlery that was kept for Christmas and big important invitations….they were cupboards filled with brand new cushions, bed linens and towels “barke sar ma sar“, to read “leaving aside for bad days”…..the old generation lived with the idea of saving for bad days, postponing Life for the fear of death, preserving the traditions, values, house, furniture, reputation and even virginity to some better days or to people who deserve them!

Today, our generation and a lot worse, our kids generation, are more into Fast Consuming Love and Life. We care less about our furniture -every other gallery has easy installment plans- every other week we receive friends or business partners in restaurants, every once in a while we change friends and partners over a tweet or a drink!

2012 was a great year; I felt it was a threshold to something bigger, a leap into a very promising future and I intend to grab every single moment of 2013 :).

So voila. Wear your new top right before leaving the shop, pay for your new shoes and keep them on, dance and sing all day, hang on to the persons who make you Happy.

Live, Laugh and Love! Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hala kfoury says:

    When i was reading your post all i could think of is my mom, its funny how how similar our moms are. We tend to be like them eventhough we promise ourselves that we will not be the same with our kids. I love your post my dear friend, keep it up. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.
    Cheers xx

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